12/12/2021 |

print of my report on the Aral Sea in the Les Others magazine




12/12/2021 |

You can find my report President Hotel at the Umcebo Galerie as part of the Parisian 12×12 festival.



11/11/2021 |

The Argos Collective exhibits its work Footprint at the Garden By the Bay as part of the France Singapore Voilah festival.



03/11/2021 |

Report on water crisis in Bangaluru in India


Figaro Magazine

10/09/2021 |

Report on the children collateral victims of the COVID-19


AMER website

09/09/2021 |

The Argos Collective’s Amer documentary work, on ocean grabbing, is also on a website.



UICN exhibition

09/09/2021 |

After a documentary series on climate refugees and the impact of carbon in the world, the Argos Collective presents Amer, a long-term work that began three years ago on the oceans and its human-caused devastation.


The “AMER” exhibition of the Argos Collective will be presented at the International Congress of Nature (IUCN) in Marseille from September 3 to 11, at the Espace Génération Nature, open to the public throughout the congress. And throughout the month of September, Marseille Saint-Charles station will exhibit on its forecourt the most emblematic reports from the Amer series.



Kaizen Special Edition

18/08/2021 |

You can find all the AMER topics  from Argos Collective in the Kaizen Special Edition and on our dedicated website:



Figaro Magazine

06/04/2021 |

Report in the Central African Republic on the impact of Covid-19 on the food crisis – April 2021