I was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1971. I’m a member of the “Collectif Argos” since 2001. Based in Paris, Argos groups together independent photographers and writers engaged in a documentary approach concerning transformations as well as social and environmental issues.
My work is aimed at social and geopolitical subjects. It includes investigations on harsh human conditions such as urban poverty in megapoles, climate refugees as well as socio-ethonological stories.
Regularly shown, my work can be seen at photography festivals (Visa, Arles, La Gacilly…) and in the French and International press (Geo Voyage and Geo France, Geo Germany, Flair Italy, Figaro Magazine, El Pais, Internazional, Geographical,…). Between 2007 and 2015, I published three books with “Collectif Argos” : the former deals with Climate Refugees, the second is a portrait of France titled Gueule dhexagone, the third, Footprint, deals with energy transition.


Aujourd’hui je m’ouvre également à la vidéo comme réalisateur et cadreur avec notamment un diplôme de pilote de drone.

2002 : Winner from the Filigranes monographic award.
2013 : Winner from award AFD Reporters of the development  in the category of the best multimedia editing.
2014 : Winner from Vienna International Pictures Award.
2014 : Special mention “noticed portfolio” for the Roger Pic award.


Specialist of Southeast Asia, Laurent Weyl lived 4 years in Vietnam. In 2016, he released his first personal book on Vietnam: “President Hotel”.



Laurent WEYL

Photographe du Collectif ARGOS




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